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Markus Stölnberger

Managing Director UMAC

UMAC - Used Machines

Used Machines

UMAC - Used Machines

Plant type Output capacity Year Voltage Application Suitable for
EREMA SW 2/250 RTF 1900 - 2500 kg/h 2015 220V/380V 50Hz In-house
EREMA SW 4/104 RTF up to 300 kg/h 2017 220V/380V 50Hz In-house
EREMA 1514T ecoSave up to 1100kg/h 2012 220V/380V 50Hz In-house PE, PP
EREMA LF 2/354 TWIN up to 1500kg/h 2017 220V/380V 50Hz In-house HDPE, PE, PP
INTAREMA 504K 35 kg/h 2016 3 x 400V / 50Hz In-house LDPE/LLDPE-Film clean
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