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Our service package. Your additional bonus!

Whether you would like to buy or sell a used recycling machine or one of the many components:
UMAC is the right contact for you!

We offer you a wide range of services:

  • Experience 
  • Competence 
  • Assurance 
  • Reliability

Our services range from plant evaluation and refurbishment to recommissioning.


Your assurance. Our knowledge of the machine's track record

UMAC is a safe choice when you buy a used EREMA. We are the only ones who are familiar with the actual track record of your machine. Because, thanks to the close collaboration with our sister companies 3S, EREMA and PURE LOOP, we know about the original state when the machine was first commissioned and when spare parts were supplied and services provided. This helps us to provide a fair evaluation of the condition of the used machine.

If any refurbishment is required, UMAC will be pleased to carry out the work using original EREMA spare parts, of course.

UMAC. Best service all round!


     Comprehensive refurbishing – including technical tests (mechanical and electrical)
spare parts installation and process engineering acceptance

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